Curtat Tunnel (Lausanne) - Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson, born in Colorado in 1939, received Music degree from Yale University, and studied composition privately with Morton Feldman. After 15 years in New York, he moved to Paris, where he has lived since 1983. He is considered as minimalist, since he works with simple forms, limited scales and generally reduced materials, but he proceeds in a more logical way than most minimalists, often using formulas, permutations and predictable sequences.

In Basel, Tom Johnson's compositions will be performed.

Curtat Tunnel extends the activity of late Espace Curtat by organising exhibitions with young swiss and foreigner artists and by realising with them editions. Its curatorial orientations sometimes also leads to musical events which promotes a certain idea about the link between art and music.

Tom Johnson, Study to become "twelve" (2008), pencil drawings on yellow paper or cardboard. 35 x 50 cm