das weisse haus (Vienna) - "Some of the artists..."

Christian Falsnaes & So:ren Berner, Wendelin Pressl, Stella Geppert

das weisse haus from Vienna starts the exhibition series at Keck-Kiosk and has therefore invited different artists, who will develop ideas especially for this presentation, involving the kiosk as space or dealing with the actual environment.

Christian Falsnaes and So: ren Berner work for their performance "Convey" again together as artist duo. The performance includes two parts. In the first, the visitor will be involved in a very private experience with the artists in the surrounding area of the kiosk. The second part will take place in the kiosk itself, which will be converted into a studio, where the stories of the participants will be subsequently shared over a camera and screen with the public outside. This confrontation with the private experience, which will not be recorded, and the unpredictable-being involved in juxtaposition to the resulting story, will be presented to the public.
Wendelin Pressl shows his installation in the space around the kiosk. Like in other works made for public spaces, he relates - also here with ironic references - to the local as well temporal exhibition situation. "Château de tableaux" is an oversized house of cards (in French: Château de cartes), which is not made of playing cards but of canvases. Those are left unprimed white and their unusual aspect ratio of 100 x 65 cm matches that of playing cards. With which kind of game are we dealing? What sort of fragile castle threatens to collapse here?
Stella Geppert leaves with her project the kiosk and enters the public space of Basel. Her artistic interventions open up playful opportunities for the individual appropriation of space. Focus of her work for Art Entertainment & Desire is the urban outer- and inner spaces. Thus, "frames" will be posted round the city, highlighting "space in public spaces" while at the same time bringing to attention its lost.

Alexandra Grausam
Elsy Lahner
Giulia Tamiazzo

das weisse haus is a Kunstverein and exhibition space focusing on the presentation and mediation of young art. It was founded in 2007 by Alexandra Grausam and Elsy Lahner and has – ever since - been directed by both of them. The exhibitions programme is marked by the confrontation with varying spatial situations that allow various forms of presentation and offer exciting challenges.

Christian Falsnaes, There and Back 2010, Skaanes Konstförening, Malmö

Christian Falsnaes & So:ren Berner, First Person, 2010, das weisse haus

Wendelin Pressl, Schutzweg, 2007, Croatia

Stella Geppert,  Auschnitt Mailänderskizze, 2008