Lokal-Int (Biel) - "Action Auction"

Gibs-mir Family (Veronika Spierenburg, Marcel Reimer, Urs August Steiner) and invited performers

The Happening “Action Auction” the Gibs-mir Family is generating an open exchange between artist and audience. With “open calls” the artist are asked to offer a “performance for sale” on one condition that the action must be performed immediately after its sale. Interested buyers can switch to the Action-Currency, Vodka shots, at Chri Frautschi, founder of the Lokal-int, in his bar at the Keck-Kiosk. The purchased vodka shots go in favour of the artist. The course of the Happenings is a directed by the auctioneer from the roof of the Keck-Kiosk.

Distant from the pressures representative art institutions, Lokal-int - a space for contemporary visual art in Biel-Bienne, has developed an independent context in which artistic positions are invited and discussed. The impressively long list of participating artists is varied and along with many cooperative projects in various areas local-Int. also operates a literary platform.