Marks Blond Project (Bern) - feat. Bury the Jumbo

„The Jumbo is dead - let's bury the Jumbo“

The project Bury the Jumbo is bridging the gap of virtual space with a symbol which is also the identity of the community. A Boing 747 Jumbo-Jet.
The BTJ-Community will carry a 17 meter long coffin through the public space of the Art Basel, according to the motto "The Jumbo is dead - let's bury the Jumbo"
The kiosk will turn into a counter cover in “Blond Blumen”(“Blond Flowers”), which the audience can place in the coffin along with personal farewell messages before the funeral march.
The coffin, which according to the community can be seen as a symbol of the whole art world, is the Western Wall and a letter box in one
On the homepage the action is announced and is open to everyones participation and involvement.

Otmar Trost (CH), Performance Artist, Maler, a.k.a. Captain
Sascha Graf (CH), Performance Artist a.k.a. Bury
Patrick Graf (CH), Maler/ Literat
Claudia Waldner (D), Performance Artist:
Projektil Visual Art Experiences (CH)
Markus Hegi (CH), Künstler
Duopunkt (CH), Poeten
Frances Belser (CH), Conceptual Artist
Lia Sells Fish (CH), Singer/Songwriter
Quature (CH), Designer
Tutu M. (CH), Designer
Pik Pik Pik (CH), Künstler
Adrian Suter (CH), 3-D and Motion Graphic artist
Martin von Wartburg, Chris Thalmann (CH), Musiker
Marc Hartmann (CH), Origami Künstler & Fotograf
Markus Müller (CH), Künstler
Tizian Baldinger (CH), Atelier Bleifrei

Marks Blond Project localized up to now at the Speichergasse (Bern), is currently homeless due to a not happening contract extension. In the search for knowledge, invention and innovation, divided into the triad experiment, research and communication Marks Blank presents himself and carries on.