ra (Antwerp) - "The Glass Thrower"

"The Glass Thrower" is a fashion performance which manifests itself in a somatic play of throwing glass balls. The performer is shaped by Elise Gettliffe, into a painted- from- within- thermoformed costume.
Costume design: Elise Gettliffe
Performance and art direction by ra: Anna Kushnerova & Romain Brau

ra is an interactive space staging fashion presentations and shows, art and video performances, site-specific installations, parties, exhibitions, publication launches and music gigs.
ra promotes projects from local and international names – inviting collaborators to realise their aesthetic in both temporary and permanent installations. ra is a space where the exhibition becomes more than visual and where the designer’s universe is installed.
Within 800m2 ra houses two fashion floors, an art gallery, music corner, bookshop and ra kitchen, that work together as a marketplace alive with ideas and products.