Salon Liz (CH/FL) – „Alles hat ein Ende nur die Wurst hat zwei”

Maja Gehrig, Sandro Nardi, More Eats

Salon Liz celebrates the final hours of Art Entertainment & Desire with blackballoons

and crepe, cocktails of dark tears, Dracula's kiss 'n Black Martini, mixed by the three ladies of the Grill, served by the mysterious fairy of destruction and accompanied into eternity by More Eats, the Grand Master of the minor sound. Le goût c'est la mort de l'art.
But as in any darkness an unexpected ray of light will arise here!

With a “slow motion grill” performance by Maja Gehrig.

The collective Salon Liz consisting of Anita Zumbühl, Anna Hilti and Stefanie Thöny started out as an temporary „Modelabor“(Fashion Lab) in 2006. At the hairsalon „Salon Liz“ unconventional clothing was made out off collected used clothes and put on display for four weeks until its demolition.

Salon Liz,  Neverland, 2011

Salon Liz at Poolbar, 2007

Salon Liz, 2010 Portrait of an American Family

Salon Liz, 2010 Portrait of an American Family