White Space (Zurich) - "From 5 to 10"

Navid Tschopp, Alessandro Frigerio

In the action “From 5 to 10“ curated by Irene Grillo and Siri Peyer the Keck-Kiosk will be transformed literally and metaphorically into the mirror of its surrounding rooms.
In the narrow interior of the kiosk Alessandro Frigerio shows a temporal regress with snapshots of visitors of previous fairs.
Navid Tschopp uses the mechanisms of the social network Facebook to capture the profiles of known and unknowns locally and by hand in a sketch book. .
By means of the copy machine the portrayed are duplicated and placed on display areas around the kiosk. Resulting from the suspension order interesting conclusions about the coordinates of the relationship network of the visitors could arrise.

White Space takes care for a powerful Art, which is located at the intersection between representation and knowledge production. Archives, publications, symposia and interventions in public spaces as the genesis of visibilities of visual and scientific phenomena are in the main focus of attention. Theory-based White Space illuminates in its events possible structural analogies between art and exhibition making.

Navid Tschopp, facebook, 2011

Alessandro Frigerio,  aus der Serie Art Basel, 2009