Fabian Faltin (Wien) – "Art, Market, and Manners"

Daily at 16:30h, writer and performer Fabian Faltin will be covering events at the world's largest art fair in a live show entitled "Art, Market, and Manners".
In front of a live-audience, as well via radio transmission and internet, the 25-minute show will review the current press, present topical analyses and background research, and feature interviews with gallery directors, artists, collectors (and many others).
The artist, whose work experience includes five years working as a salesperson at art fairs, will thus provide the audience with valuable guidance, orientation and practical how-to advice on art fair etiquette and behaviour. At the same time, the show will also seek to maximise entertainment value and at all times remains comitted to german show-master Thomas Gottschalk's maxim of "diffusing nothing but good vibes".

14.06 17:00
Sammeln – aber richtig!
(Collecting – getting it right!)
Guest: Prof. Karlheinz Essl (Collector, Austria)
15.06 16:30
Curation, curating, or was it curatorial?
Guest: Isin Önol (Curator, Turkey)
16.06 16:30
Thinking, working, networking – the artist’s magic formula?
Guest: David Moises (Artist, Austria)
17.06 16:30
No whining: self-help books for the art world
Surprise Guest
18.06 16:30
Why? Artists in the political arena
Guest: Róza El-Hassan (Artist, Hungary)
19.06 16:30
Facing the couple – love, art, and partnership
Guests: Danielle Dean (Artist, Los Angeles),
Manuel Shvartzberg (Architect, London)

Fabian Faltin, 2010