DAR (Basel) - "Musical Rice"

In 2009 Misha Chanelle Andris, Aline Zeltner and Martin Chramosta formed DAR in order to celebrate the beauty of all things that exist.
A musical service is gonna be held by the three artists on the occasion of art entertainment & desire.

«DAR is experimental celebration of positioning and stance. The performances are
irritating, serious und full of pathos though at the same time subliminal funny: Tried and tested are not only
positioning but also behavior.

How does the art-observer react to religious rituals? How do social and spatial
settings modify the play of familiar forms of pathos?"
(Text Milan Büttner)

DAR, 2009  

DAR, 2009 "look at that horse", K-P

DAR, 2011 "Schöpfung", Kunsthalle Basel