Re:Fwd: (Wien) - "White Out / Glisz"

White Out / Glisz" continues on an exploration that the Viennese artist duo started in 2009. Interested in modifying the causal relationships and decontextualizing the paradigmatic correlations between space, time and sound in popular electronic media, they juxtapose relics of technoid cultures with romanticist depictions of nature. Through this site-specific installation, Artachments’ idyllic waterfront space is placed in a transcendental state by playing an endlessly rising hymnal synthesizer Glissando with glistering bright lights pointing out from whitened windows. The inside of the exhibition space is hidden by transparent material whilst it illuminates and places its surroundings into hyperspatial resonances with an endless loop of anticipative rave euphoria.

Re:Fwd: are Benjamin Tomasi & Bernhard Garnicnig. Both are living and working in Vienna.
Recent work: "Ast fällt auf Tonspur", 2010, Magazin

Ast fällt auf Tonspur, Fimstill 1  

Ast fällt auf Tonspur, Fimstill 2  

Ast fällt auf Tonspur, Fimstill 3  

Ast fällt auf Tonspur, Fimstill 4